US immigration laws and regulations are good tuned to pleasant foreigners as immigrants and nonimmigrants. But at exactly the same time they’re allowed just after comprehensive checking of documents in any case. Often individuals who make an application for US visa obtain struck using the denial of the visa for most reasons. The most frequent visa refusal is definitely beneath the section 221-g. A refusal is going to be along with a refusal clause from your embassy that may state the reason behind refusal.

What’s 221g?

Visa candidates are ineligible under section 221g as the applicant didn’t carry some necessary information or record, or some further procedure or analysis from the consulate workplace or another U.S. authorities agency should be accomplished. Through the interview the consular will recommend the applicant on extra steps to obtaining together the right documents.

Color Rules of 221g

Once the consulate finds the visa applicant briefly ineligible to obtain the visa then your applicant will get a refusal form in a specific color while those whose visa is rejected will get a refusal form in various color.

A straightforward BLUE type of 221g indicates the consulate is within dependence on extra supporting paperwork from the applicant or the sponsor from the applicant is necessary by these to have a decision about Visa Issuance. An instance Number is definitely Marked upon this Form for the applicant to get further communication.

A PINK type of 221g implies that the candidates case is help with for even more Administrative Processing. The applicant will get a Reference Identification for him/her to monitor the facts of case on-line. This is mainly issued if they’re unhappy about the existing employer or Function Experience related info or any additional issues linked to the candidates qualification or additional problems beyond our Understanding.

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A WHITE form is really a complex group of 221G.They come back the situation to USCIS for even more Verification. (Cause of doubt as yet not known).

A YELLOW type of 221g means general administrative control. They just need ensure that all paperwork supplied by you and the company are genuine

NO CODE – NO Type: not provided any Handout or any Code, however the Case been described USCIS for even more Processing.

After 221g

Frequently 221g indicates the applicant really wants to submit even more documentation to aid the info that is recently been offered. The applicant is going to be informed during software/interview what supplementary info is required and become given an opportunity to resubmit the application form.

To be able to submit supplementary documents, all those refused a visa under Section 221(g) have to reapply for any visa during regular operating hours. Candidates may reapply inside a twelve-month period without repaying a fresh application charge. After twelve months, a credit card applicatoin refused under Section 221(g) is definitely dismissed from the INA.

Mistakes are normal

If USCIS denied the application form or petition predicated on a misinterpretation or improper software of a legislation, guide or related case legislation, then its improbable that the normal applicant can spot this sort of mistake. In virtually any situation where in fact the applicant is definitely qualified to receive the immigration advantage demanded and was mistakenly refused, the applicant should pursue legal opinion. In line with the people particular situation, the applicant might be able to charm the USCIS decision, post a sign to reopen or reexamine the denial, or just to re-file the application form.

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So, when you have received a rejection see from USCIS, get the immigration case reviewed first. non-etheless of the results from the review, in the long run, you’ll have a better understanding into your case and you’ll be educated of most your immigration choices. Occasionally this education will serve as an excellent platform for you yourself to document Citizenship FORM.