Buzaker Law notary public in Vaughan

A notarised document is a document signed in front of and witnessed by a Notary Pubilc. These documents are often created in Australia and used overseas. A power of legal professional for an overseas country such as India or Colombia are cases. Other common requests are the notarisation of bank statements and identity documents.

Can Buzaker Law notary public in Vaughan prepare Notarised Documents?

Our firm targets preparing Notarial Certificates that you can use overseas. If you require legal documents to be used you can use internationally, we claim that it is preferable that you make an effort to have the services of a lawyer in the country in which you want to use that one document.

For instance, if you need a Power of Attorney document, a attorney in the united states in which you intend to use the document can draft the energy of Attorney relative to that country’s laws.

Whilst you’ll be able to download forms and templates from the Internet in order to devise documents for use overseas, we suggest that you contact a legal professional for advice before making any changes.

If you do not engage the services of a lawyer in the overseas’ jurisdiction where in fact the document will be produced, and you simply ask us to prepare the document that you can use outside Canada, we do not accept responsibility for the document’s validity and acceptability, or consequences which may arise from the use of the document. Our firm will be unable to ascertain if the document will be legally enforceable, and you’ll have to make your own enquiries to fulfill yourself whether you have met certain requirements of the host country.

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Do my documents have to be in English or in virtually any other language?

The language your articles must be written in will vary from country to country. It really is most likely that every document should be written or translated into one of the state languages of the united states in question.

When a Notary Public is required to verify to have understood the contents of a particular document, it’ll be necessary for that document to be written or translated into English. Documents may also be necessary to be written or translated into English if the Notary must understand its contents.

Once you require your legal documents to be translated, it is good idea to employ a accredited translator to be complete the translation. You’ll find a certified translator website.

Can you supply stamp paper or bonded paper?

As bonded or stamp paper is not generally available in Canada, most Notaries cannot supply or print legal documents upon this kind of paper.

In a few countries, (for example, India) certain legal documents must be printed on the green paper-type and/or on prepaid duty paper. Our clients’ experience shows us that if documents prepared by a Solicitor overseas are printed in Canada using A4-size paper, then these documents may need to be formally stamped or marked by the relevant authority in the host country following the required duty has been paid.

If it’s necessary for your legal documents to be printed on stamped or bonded paper, you will need to set up for your overseas legal professional to get ready and send you a difficult copy of the documents by mail.

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However, this firm does have green “legal” sized paper to assist clients, particularly from India, who require Powers of Attorney and the like on the requisite “green” paper.

Will your firm have any document templates or sample wording that clients may use?

As each country uses different documents and legal wordings, our firm is normally unable to provide clients with standard document templates that might be suitable. However, for Indian clients we’re able to assist with draft Powers of Attorney which can be printed on green legal paper.

Some clients have successfully downloaded and used templates from the Internet when requiring legal documents for overseas use. Nonetheless it is important to keep yourself updated that information found on the Internet is not always reliable. Because of this, our firm suggests to clients that any legal documents should prepare yourself by a legal professional in the country where the documents will be used. Thus giving you the confidence that the documents prepared for you are legally valid within that country and that you’ll not incur unnecessary delays or costs.