Nothing stirs more emotion and tension than our children. It’s a significant reason child custody can be a contentious and emotional process. You always want to fight for the protection under the law for your kids. For you to succeed in this, it is important to obtain a lawyer who will look out for the best interests of the children. You might ask how you’ll be able to get the best lawyer for your son or daughter’s custody. In this article, you will learn some tips on how you can find a good attorney.


Law and regulations different and can change from one state to the other. The proper lawyer for your child is one who has a good understanding of the guidelines where you reside. Also, the attorney ought to have experience in the court system where the case is handled.  Having a good relationship and track record with the judges can allow your attorney to provide additional insights.


Experience can be an essential quality of an attorney when it comes to custody hearings as well. You should look for a legal professional that has excellent skills regarding the area related to your circumstances. When you have situations like if your son or daughter has special needs, or complicating circumstances, then ensure that the legal professional you are selecting can handle most of them.

Finances and Child Support

When hiring an attorney, it can be an expensive process. You want to find an attorney that values your dollars as much as you do.  Go into the process knowing what you may spend and can’t spend, and what you might receive in child support since this will help determine what is possible and how an attorney can best meet your custody needs. There is also some helpful tools and information like what can be found here: that may help you in understanding how much you can expect to receive as part of the child custody process.  Also make sure to ask about how the legal professional handles repayment as it helps you to better manage the expenses and maintain your budget.  

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When hiring a lawyer who’ll represent you see if they have any specialization in this area. Do they have life experiences (outside of being an attorney) where they have gone through similar processes that may allow them to better relate to your situation?  Most Family Law attorneys will also cover child custody, however don’t assume all family law professionals can really relate to your situation.

Many of them are familiar in many areas, but if an attorney has more interest in big investment divorces, then that may not be the best option. Do your research to make sure that your legal representative skills match your preferences.

Local and Flexible

Choosing a local Child Custody Attorney that is accessible is the best choice when it comes to simple logistics, and ensure they will be available when needed in case there are any questions. It will also make it easier to meet for you both without the hassle of long distances or taking time from work. A local lawyer is usually also more familiar with courthouse personnel and judges which is an added benefit.