Surveying expert witnesses may be invaluable to litigation types of cases, as surveying refers to the act of examining the assorted details and features of a certain portion of land, which is often used to make a map, establish boundary lines, or accumulate data on terrain, among a great many other purposes. Surveying expert consulting may provide valuable information for cases involving such areas as nautical charts, land surveys, civil engineering, transportation, construction, general contracting, realty, structural engineering, social science, meteorology, geography, forensic architecture, topographic surveys, maritime, and other related issues, as each may be at the guts of an surveying-related court case.

Since surveying is often used to establish boundaries within areas of land, many expert witness surveying Long Island will have a background in the construction and real estate industries, whether it is for the development of commercial real estate, industrial real estate, or residential real estate, the construction management must stick to the boundaries as established by the land surveying process, as failing to achieve this task could cause boundary disputes, as well as possible lawsuits.

Surveying experts could also have experience with aerial surveys and aerial mapping. Surveying is also used for identifying slopes and landslides, GPS tracking, property division, easements, sewage management, occupational safety and health (OSHA), and other related areas.