Many beneficiaries of life insurance policies have their benefit claims unfairly denied by the insurance company. A recently available investigation of the life span insurance industry shown a widespread design of dishonest tactics by major insurance firms including MetLife, Prudential, John Hancock and even more.

In each case, the insurance company’s goal was to avoid paying out the life span insurance benefits they owed to beneficiaries. Insurance companies are notorious for denying valid promises alive insurance benefits. Too many Americans are unfairly denied the life span insurance advantages to that they are entitled.

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Life Insurance Companies Often Fail to Notify Beneficiaries

A standard technique that insurance companies will use to avoid spending insurance policy benefits involves failing to notify a beneficiary a deceased cherished one possessed a life insurance coverage. Oftentimes, the insurance firms are aware that a policy-holder has passed on but deliberately disregard proof in their documents to avoid spending the benefits they owe.

When the policy’s beneficiary never comes forward to ask their benefits, the insurance companies will cancel the insurance policy and keep carefully the earnings for themselves. Recent investigations disclosed that this deceptive practice could impact an incredible number of life insurance insurance policies throughout the U.S.

Don’t let your loved one’s life insurance coverage benefits go uncollected. 25 life insurance coverage companies have already settled cases worthwhile a complete of $7.5 billion in unpaid benefits. Another 35 companies are still under investigation.

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