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進口威而鋼 – With What Agreement Should You Really Make A Choice..

This invention offers great hope to a lot of men who feel trapped in the vicious circle of premature coming. In this article, I will inform you how it operates and how you can keep going longer tonight.

What Exactly Is Man Delay Spray?

It’s important to understand that there are many kinds of 美國威而鋼 available. Unfortunately, many of them usually do not even just work at all whilst others can be too strong. Let’s find out which would be best.

Herbal Sprays

These are, frankly, an overall con. Stay well away from them. There is not just a single herb that has been shown to help a man delay his coming by making use of it to his willy. If there were, don’t you think that the drug companies could be around it and looking to get it quickly through clinical trials and on the market? They’d create a fortune! Yet, not really a single herbal spray has ever gone through trials and been shown to work. Avoid herbal sprays like the plague.

Local Anesthetic Based Sprays

These work much better. They work simply because they include a proven medical-grade anesthetic. Normally, they contain either lidocaine or benzocaine and sometimes even prilocaine. No matter what the ingredient, all of them operate in very similar ways.

Local anesthetics work by blocking some of the nerve messages carrying sensations of touch. In high doses you can not feel anything however in the low doses that you see in sprays, you may lose just a tiny amount of sensation – just enough to take the “edge” off your arousal that would otherwise cause you to ejaculate prematurely.

How To Apply A Man Delay Spray

With sprays, it is always best first of all a small dose and merely increase it as a required. By doing this, you may get good pleasure from your se-xual experience. I suggest beginning with 2 or 3 德國益粒可 towards the glans (head) from the willy. Should you need more later then you could put it on and to the shaft from the willy.


There are a few drawbacks with man delay sprays. To start with, it is possible to lose some sensation of pleasure within the willy. For the majority of men, this is so small that it must be acceptable in exchange for your longer time in bed. Secondly, you fcvwre lose some sensation of warmth. A lot of men are astonished at this. Obviously, the better you use then the greater the loss in sensation.


Man delay sprays work very well when a quick, short term option would be needed. However, they are not a lasting way of stopping premature coming and, furthermore, doctors to do not recommend long term use of anesthetics, even in a weak form. The most effective and the most effective long lasting methods are 日本藤素. They need some practice but, ultimately, you do not need any special aids or drugs to achieve the desired result.