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Struggling Together Build Indonesia Country

Struggling Together Build Indonesia Country

Struggle with Untan to build Indonesia. Tanjungpura University Pontianak, since its establishment 59 ago proved itself that Untan was founded with the struggle of political figures and local leaders of West Kalimantan for an increasingly prosperous Indonesia. Untan was founded based on the ideals of the struggle for Indonesian independence in 1945 ago. Untan through education always strives to realize the welfare not only the students but also the general public who serve in various ways such as Student Creativity Program, Real Work Lecture and Field Work Lecture and other services that pro community. This is in accordance with the opening of the 1945 Indonesian Constitution to educate the nation on education with motto “Bersama UNTAN membangun negeri“.

Until now, Tanjungpura University is a Pontianak State University that has succeeded in becoming the center of science, technology, art and culture of the nation which prepares all its students to uphold the values of Pancasila, possessing knowledge and skills, physically and mentally healthy, independent, and love and responsible to society, nation and state. This is realized by always innovating well by improving the teachers who are required to gain proficiency in teaching skills and supporting research community services.

Currently, as we know, Tanjungpura University has 9 faculties. In it, there are 63 undergraduate programs and 24 master programs and doctoral programs are not only interested in students of high school graduates but also students outside West Kalimantan who came to the University of Tanjungpura. The nine faculties are the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA), Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FKIP), Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Faculty of Huku, Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Engineering .

University of Tanjungpura several times listed in the best college nomination. First in 2016. Continued in 2017 to get the nomination of 100 Best Non-Polytechnic Universities by Ministry of Research and Higher Education (kemenristekdikti) by Mr. Nasir. Mr. Nasir said that Untan entered the list in terms of 4 aspects of the assessment of the quality of Human Resources (HR), institutional quality, quality of student activities, and the last is the quality component of research and scientific publications.

As we know that the University Tanjungpura, with Mr. Prof. Dr. H. Thamrin Usma, DEA as the rector who has served twice, and became a direct coach of student affairs sangan support the existence of quality student activities that can demand creativity and potential students. Tanjungpura University has a stadium equipped with a capacity of 1000 people. POBU Building, Anex Building, Integrated Service Unit (UPT) Language (which houses the British Corner Learning Center (BCLC) American corner, French Tavern PTE etc. There is also an Integrated Service Unit of the library that has a collection of books not just Indonesian books but books English language that is very supportive of college students on campus.